Saturday, October 27, 2007

Controversy over the Height Map in the Historic District

This post provides several links from the Savannah Morning News to document the progress of the controversy over the height map in the Savannah's historic district.

This controversy started with the proposal of development of a five-story condominium project on West Liberty Street by developer Julius Bennett which was approved by the city. The approval was decried by the preservationists; and triggered the Beehive Foundation, the Historic Savannah Foundation, and the Downtown Neighborhood Association to sue the city.

Following links provide the further stories about the case:

Judge rebukes city, stops condo development

City moves to fix Historic District law

City manager: City needs height map ordinance that is clear and predictable

MPC endorses Historic District height map amendment

Savannah City Council delays action on building height amendment

City Council fixes height map

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