Monday, January 22, 2007

Introductory Post

Welcome to my blog of "Urban Studies in Savannah".

We are now embracing the Information Age and the power of Web is so strong in building and shaping our society. The new world of digital democracy has been created and it's now our turn to lead the world.

As part of my job as assistant professor of Urban Studies at Savannah State University, I would like to share my thought about any urban issue in Savannah with other citizens of the new world of digital democracy. This blog is primarily intented to help my students keep updated with the urban issues in Savannah. I will be trying to follow urban issues in Savannah from various sources particularly from the most respected local newspaper, Savannah Morning News.

My intention is also to document the changes of Savannah from the perspective of urban planning. I hope that the documented changes will provide us knowledge of how we should plan our city to be livable places for everyone!

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